“Casting off my Womb” by Casey Jenkins

I was searching for artworks that deal with the womb and I found this one. I found it really interesting, so I wanted to post it here. I don’t think that it is correlate with the project that I am doing at the moment. The name of the artwork is “Casting off my womb” by Casey Jenkins. I found appealing feminist art pieces. I am not a feminist. I don’t like titles. I just believe that we are living in the 21st century and for a woman to have period is something natural. Our body liquids are natural.



The feeling of calmness and secure in a very stressful environment/city. A space into another space. The womb is the most secure and calm place that we had ever been. Can we feel the same again? Will the viewer have any memories or the same sensation? We maybe don’t have any memories from when we were in the womb but our body has.

Psychologists saying to find/create/imagine a place to feel relaxed – back to the womb?

I come from a very different city and culture. My daily routine has totally changed and the environment that I am living now is not the same at all from the one I have used to for so many years. London is a city of noise and stress. Crowded everywhere, everyone is running, everyone is busy. It is really uncommon here to find a place to just sit and enjoy the calmness. I have found myself many times walking fast for no reason or having really fast heartbeats. I believe this is one of the reasons I had this will of doing a project like this.

Reference to my previous projects

I have worked previously with the idea of a space into another space and I am interested to the structure and the representation of the skin. I remember me as a kid, I wanted to be a doctor and I had many books of anatomy that I was always studying them. I had this habit of cutting and opening bugs to see what is inside and to examine their body structure. I try to figure out why I attracted from body parts. These are some of my previous projects that are dealing with similar ideas like these I am working on now.



I had the will to cover the walls of a room with fabric or another material that looks like skin. I thought that it will maybe not be possible at this exhibition to do something like that, because I wouldn’t be able to have a whole room by myself. So I thought about why I want to make an installation like that. I feel safe when I think of a room that its walls are covered with fabric or are covered in general, it reminds me of the blanket forts of my childhood. But why I want to cover it with “skin” ?