“A Blind Date!” – Perpendicular

During my exchange program in Rotterdam at Willem de Kooning Academy I participated in the project “A Blind Date!”. A project in which students from Codarts and WdKA collaborate to create a performance. Dancers, composers and fashion/visual artists cooperate to investigate a common theme. In this collaborative project each student is expected to play an active role during the entire working process, contributing artistically, physically and participating in the production process. The project consists of an introductory meeting followed by 9 full days of working. The theme for this year was “Anarchy”. Me and my group created a performance called “Perpendicular”, as a Fine Art student, me, two more Fine Art students and a Fashion design student worked for the costumes and make-up of the dancers. All together we found the concept and story of the performance. This is the text of the project:

Don’t hold the line, never walk the line, just keep it horizontal. ‘Perpendicular’ is a piece about the constrictions and freedom of being individuals in a collective society; an anarchy waiting for the catalyst to interfere and recreate the chaos that brought them there in the first place. We strive to keep things going the way they were – yet – we still wonder what would happen if it ‘all falls down’. And who will fall? Or rather… what.

It was an amazing experience and I am very thankful I was part of this project. I gained a lot of knowledge on how it is to work into very tense program of short time and work as a team.

pictures by Guido Bosua

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