experimenting with materials and techniques

In the beginning of my studies, here in WdKA, I started a project that I never complete. My plan for the Plusweeks is to finish this project. My aim is to work in as many stations as I can (wood, metal, fabric, ceramics), to learn more techniques and materials. I don’t want to leave without take full advantage of this opportunity. My idea was to create a random shape/form through a 3d sculpting program at VR. Then recreate it with different kind of materials that I am interested at like wood, glass, clay, loomed cloth, porcelain, metal. So far, I have made this random/abstract shape and I also 3d printed it to have it in a material form. I also have made some sketches of how I am imagining it. However, I don’t expect everything will go through plan as I may change my mind for some materials while I will start learning more about them or maybe I will have some practical problems.

My plan is first to go to wood and metal station and talk with the staff about the sculpture I want to make to see which the best way is to start it and if is it going to work. In the same time, I will start making the loomed cloth that I can attach later on.





1st week: In the first week I went to the Metal, Wood and Ceramics station and I spoke with the stuff to let them know about the sculpture I want to make and see if I actually can do it and what is the best way to start. I show to them the 3d printed sculpture that I already made to understand exactly the shape that I wanted my sculpture to look like.

In the same time, I started working on the Fabric station for the loomed fabric piece I made. I have done a station skill on how to work in the loom, so it wasn’t so hard for me and I tried a lot of different patterns and threads.

The first week also I made the wooden box. It was an easy and fun procedure. As I have said to you I believe I chose a wrong type of wood as it is too clean in contrast with the other parts of the sculpture.

I was also working on another project that has to do with my practice, digital crafts. I am doing a music video for a band that is done with the final project I did for my practice.

2nd week: I went to the Metal workshop to start working on the metal part of the sculpture. It took me some days to finish as I had to first create the sharp parts and weld them together. After that I used welding to create a texture on the sticks. Then I made a base for the sticks and I connect them, I also create a texture on the base. In the end I connect the metal part on the wooden box. I enjoyed very much working with metal. In the same time, I was working on the loomed fabric. Also, in the music video and I started working as a volunteer in the IFFR.

3rd week: I finish the fabric and I went to the Ceramics station to discuss about which material I should use for the spheres. I thought that I wanted to be transparent so after a member of stuff explained to me all the materials I chose to do it with glass. I made two spheres from plaster that I shaped it with sandpaper. Right now, I am still waiting for the plaster to dry as we can’t melt the glass if it’s still wet. Meanwhile I am working at the music video and the IFFR. I am not sure in the end if I want to connect all the parts as I believe that they can work individually. I will wait first for the glass spheres to finish and then decide what I will do. Nevertheless I have achieved my aim to work and try new materials and techniques that I can later use at better structural sculptures.



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