I W a n t T o B e I n s i d e Y o u // 3D animation


After the 1:1 tutorial I had with Patti Ellis, I decided to create the exact image I had in my mind thinking of the project ‘I want to be inside you’. Meaning that I wanted to make an animation with two bodies, the woman’s “penetrating” the man’s body. Knowing nothing about 3D animation I was trying to find a program.. Scrolling at my instagram I saw a post of my fellow student, Anna Clegg, that she was using a 3D animation program. I immediately asked her and that’s how I learned about blender.

I saw many tutorial videos on youtube to learn the program and be familiar with it. As I was going deeper to its abilities I was mesmerised by it. You are starting with a cube and you can create anything you like with just that. Any shape, size, movement you wish. After I played and experimented a lot inside this 3D grey world I made my two puppets. Thinking of my and my partner’s body I made two kiiiiiinda similar shapes. The shine and smooth of their texture is non human and so delightful seeing it. Their almost plastic feeling sensation reminds me of erotic emporium. The way that the woman’s body entering the man’s body in a really liquidish way made my day. When the two forms were touching each other their surface turned into fluid.






The really cool thing with blender is that you can move the lighting and the camera so it’s like making a movie. I experimented a lot with the frame as with lights and these are some of the shots I made.


In the end I decided that I wanted a collage of all the shots I made.  So this is the final piece.

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