S p a c e A n a l y s i s

We asked to go and analyse a gallery space and a non-gallery space within the procedure of finding a place to do the offsite show. With my group we went at Matt’s Gallery . It was a really interesting space.

We knocked the door of the gallery and a man opened us with a phone on his hand. He was doing Skype with a man from Tokyo, as I heard. Welcomed us and said to us and to the man on his phone that we are the first people coming today. We entered to a very small room/apartment/office. Passed through a narrow, short corridor. To our right was a fake wooden wall and a door to the corner. Straight ahead was an office, a small bookcase with some books and another man sitting on the chair of the office. To our left was a room that the man that was talking with he guy from Tokyo went to have some privacy. The fake, wooden walls continued also opposite to the office. It had the shape of a cube. As we entered inside the wooden walls (this was the gallery) We had to stand there for a bit to consider the size of this room. It was so small but also so big after a while because of the color of the walls, white, and the lighting. We didn’t really gave attention to the artwork. We went there to analyse the space. 3x3x3 metres. A cube inside another cube. A space inside another space.

notes from the visit:


The space that we thought of, for the non-gallery space, was the Greenwich foot tunnel.

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