d r e a m s

this is what I see when I am                                      this is what I see when I am

lying down to my bed from                                         lying down to my bed from

one side                                                                                                           the other side


  • unconsciousness
  • past-traumatic healing procedure through dreaming
  • control our dreams
  • control our mind
  • meditation
  • do art through your dreams



parts from books that I read that are related:


Carl Jung, Man and his Symbols, 1964


         Sigmund Freud, Beyond the pleasure principle, 1922


a work that is related:

Joachim Koester – “In the Face of Overwhelming Forces”

  • a hypnogogic headphone audio work installed with padded beds and fleeced blankets
  • intended to soften and stupefy the visitor
  • the viewer continues the rest of the exhibition feeling buoyant
  • somewhere between awake and sleeping
  • somewhere between the limits of the body and the space around it


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