“Nutshell” by Ian McEwan

In our studio group crits, while I was telling to my group about my idea someone suggest me the book “Nutshell” by Ian McEwan. These are some parts from this book that I found them interesting. It’s a novel for an unborn child telling the story of his parents. I didn’t read the whole book but I liked these parts and I found them inspiring. This idea of a private space, unknown of the outer world and how the writer describes it.

“..floated dreamily through my private ocean in slow-motion somersaults, colliding gently against the transparent bounds of my confinement, the confining membrane that vibrated with, even as it muffled, the voices of conspirators in a vile enterprise.”

“..,not an inch of space to myself.”

“..the beginning of conscious life was the end of illusion, the illusion of non-being, and the eruption of the real.”

“..heard clearly, so efficiently did sound waves travel through jawbone and clavicle, down through her skeletal structure, swiftly through the nourishing amniotic.”

“..my secret sea..”

“..a bouncy castle..”

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